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Non, je ne regrette rien

34 years old, a graduate of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. I am a Wayne Enterprises board member. No more, no less.

The Original Miranda Tate.

Time to write some flashbacks.

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#Hello everyone. 

Oh! I had forgotten to add this. I will put it in the farewell.

I did not think to include Holly Robinson/Jen Rathmore (hjrobinson) because that is also me! I will be active and writing with Selina also. :-)

Take care!

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I had hoped to write this sooner, but the time was so late last night that it would not have been appropriate.

I joined this platform in January last year, shortly after callmeselina, as Miranda Tate. At the time, I knew nothing of Miranda, but I had heard the rumors that followed within a few months in and of itself. I was not an active figure behind the scenes or up front. I did not mind, however, because what I did write was fun for me. It was frustrating at times, not knowing what I was writing, but I think it was fun to guess, and to have my guesses become realities in the film.

I joined because I had seen some very incredible writing when I had joined tumblr on a personal account (which has since been deleted). TheBruceWayne had a charm about him that was very fun and I, always having been a Batman fan, simply had to join in. A fun fact of the matter is that I am actually 3/4 French and reside in New York City — who else to write as than Marion Cotillard’s character?

I am lucky and honored to have been a part of this group. There were moments where we fell apart, and some, whose names I do not need to name (you know who you are), got blamed for things they did not do. Things that were clarified much later on in the game, regrettably. As a result, those I consider to be a part of my “group” are the following: thebrucewayne, callmeselina, johnblakegcpd, thepatrickbateman, drthomaselliot, thescarecrow, iamthereckoning, daggettindustries. You will notice that “many” (they were mostly run by one account) who were once a part of this community are now gone from my friends circle. I am sad that thedemonshead & thefire-rises had deleted their accounts, but I still think highly of those individuals, and they are in the clear. This is not the most mature way to “leave,” but I had to say something in order to clear my guilt.

But again I return to the fond memories. I have made close friendships with some here, and others I am still getting to know. Though some have had to leave with real life commitments, I look forward to getting to know them in the future. Bruce, I cannot thank you enough for being so welcoming at the start. You have been a wonderful inspiration to me, and to others. Selina, you are a beautiful, fantastic, and wonderful person and I am very much lucky to know you. Thomas, thank you so very much for reaching out to me privately. I am grateful that you have trusted me and made me feel welcome before I truly knew what I was doing. Patrick, you are so very sweet, and I am so excited for your endeavors. I wish you the best of luck in all of them.

Though I am the first Miranda Tate on tumblr, I have the fewest followers. I do not mind this. I am most honored to have the followers that I do, ones who are responsive, caring, and most sweet.

I will be semi-active with Selina, and others, writing pre-Dark Knight Rises storylines and Talia’s journals, but that is the extent. I wish to honor the story that has been given to me, and the group I have been blessed to be a part of.

With many kisses,

Edit: I had forgotten to include hjrobinson (Holly/Jen) because that is, in fact, myself. I will be active there as well with Selina.



TIME OF DEATH: 07:21 PM, FEBRUARY 16, 2013




“It’s been pretty dark definitely” 

She was definitely a ray of sunshine, I only hope clouds didnt come along. There were things about to happen and I wanted her to be here at the end, to see if this could be more. She had faith in me, something I never really had.

“Good thing you know how to live frugally then because I am going to need some help” I chuckle

I move in and kiss her again, this felt right 

She laughed with him, nodding gently. “Without Alfred? Oh, I think you will. Hopefully they will prove the stock trades a fraud. In the meantime, you will have to make some trips to the grocery store yourself, you know.”

His kiss was returned in full, gentle and soft. It felt wrong to Talia… But to Miranda, it felt more than right. Were it not for her father, she and Bruce would have been a true possibility. She would not deny her feelings in that moment. And so she returned it, before giving him another soft kiss.

"Ever the romantic, aren’t you?"

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I give her a small smirk back and nod. She slips out from under the blanket and starts the fire. I want her back in with me.

As she slides back in I pull her close and kiss her, my hand brushing her hair back

When I pull back I smile again.

“Thank you, thank you for coming here. For pushing to see me”

She smiled into that, her hand pressing gently into his back as she settled close to him.

"I knew that you were a recluse for a reason. You felt there was no light." She gazed into those eyes again — they had seen as much pain and torture as she had, herself. "I did say I was not always rich. I have been there, I promise."

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I smiled, my fingers brushing her skin, soft, warm. I placed my hand against the small of her back and moved in.

“I don’t know” I kiss the base of her neck, “Its pretty warm right now I think”

Was there a chance that this could be something? Could I find something with Miranda? She was strong, determined. Beautiful.

Miranda gave Bruce a soft smile, a soft laugh to match it, before turning around to look at him.

"Perhaps. May I start another fire?" Her smile turned to a small smirk, and she nodded at him before turning to find the fire stones.

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The deed was done. Miranda lay on her side, facing the cold fireplace. It seemed a mission, but she knew, deep down, that there was some connection with Bruce Wayne. It was faint, but it was certainly there. And he was behind her, running his fingers up and down her back. A sensation to be remembered.

"When I was last in Wayne Manor, I did not remember it to be this cold, Bruce," she said, with a small laugh.

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thebrucewayne replied to your post: thebrucewayne replied to your post: Good evening….

A little odd but well

That does very much seem to be the spirit of the evening.

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It’s a pretty big night, for a lot of reasons. I’ll be posting a tidbit for myself once all’s said and done, so you know what’s happening next for me.

But if you’d be so kind, be sure to give your blessings and a nice farewell to Bruce and Patrick.

I’m not sure about the status of other friends, but just to be sure, make sure you also let ThomasMirandaBane,and Scarecrow get your wishes tonight.

It’s the end of “The Nolanverse” as you might know it. Tomorrow, the website will reflect that.

But let’s pay some attention to the people involved that have made it what it was. We wouldn’t be here without them.

Thank you so very much, Selina. :-)

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